Study Plan for the Nursing Program

Study Plan

Course CodeCourse NameCredit HoursLevel
ISLM 101Islamic Culture2First
COMM 101Communication Skills2First
ARAB 101Arabic Language Skills – 12First
ENG 102English Reading and Writing4First
ENG 101English Listening and Speaking -15First
ENG 103English for Nursing3First
ENG 113English Listening and Speaking -23Second
ENG 111English Academic Writing3Second
ENG 112English Academic Reading3Second
BIO 101Biology for Health Sciences3Second
CHE 101Chemistry for Health Sciences3Second
MTER 201Medical Terminology3Second
ARAB 102Arabic Language Skills – 22Third
BIOS 101Biostatistics2Third
NURS 201Fundamental of Nursing5Third
BIOC 211Biochemistry4Third
ANAT 101Human Anatomy and Physiology3Third
NURS 210Health Assessment4Forth
NURS 211Pathophysiology3Forth
NURS 212Adult Health Nursing – 16Forth
NURS 213Microbiology3Forth
NURS 310Adult Health Nursing – 26Fifth
NURS 311Clinical Nutrition3Fifth
NURS 312Pharmacology2Fifth
NURS 314Principle of Education for Nursing Practice3Fifth
NURS 315Infection Control3Fifth
NURS 320Human Growth and Development3Sixth
NURS 321Child Health Nursing5Sixth
NURS 322Maternal Health Nursing5Sixth
NURS 323Epidemiology for Health Care Professional3Sixth
NURS 410Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing5Seventh
NURS 411Nursing Research3Seventh
NURS 412Community Health Nursing5Seventh
NURS 413Nursing Informatics3Seventh
NURS 420Critical Health Nursing6Eighth
NURS 421Nursing Management and Leadership3Eighth
NURS 422Nursing Emergency6Eighth