Study Plan for the Human Medicine Program

Study Plan

Course CodeCourse NameCredit Hours 
ENGL 105Medical Terminology3First
ISLM 101Islamic Culture2First
ICOM 101Introduction to Computing3First
ARAB 101Arabic Language Skills – 12First
BIOS 101Biostatistics2First
ENGL 101English Language – 16First
CHEM 101Introduction to Chemistry3Second
PHYS 101General Physics3Second
ARAB 102Arabic Language Skills – 22Second
ENGL 103English Language – 24Second
COMM 101Communication Skills2Second
BIOL 101Biology3Second
GAD 203Growth, Development and Aging4Third
HBO 203Human Body I6Third
BAN 203Biochemistry and Nutrition4Third
MBG 203Molecular Biology and Human Genetics3Third
PDO 204Principle of Diseases I4Fourth
PDT 204Principle of Diseases II4Fourth
BPC 204Basic Pharmacology4Fourth
HBT 204Human Body II4Fourth
CVS 305Cardiovascular System6Fifth
RES 305Respiratory System4Fifth
HPS 305Hematopoietic System5Fifth
MEP 305Medical Ethics and Professionalism3Fifth
GIS 306Gastrointestinal System5Sixth
ENS 306Endocrine System4Sixth
ECM 306Epidemiology and Community Medicine3Sixth
MSS 306Musculoskeletal System6Sixth
RME 407Research Methodology & Evidence-based Healthcare4Seventh
NSC 407Neurosciences5Seventh
UGS 407Urogenital System4Seventh
FMT 407Forensic Medicine and Toxicology3Seventh
IMS 408Integrated Multisystem4Eighth
COM 408Communication Skills for Medicine4Eighth
MDI 408Medical Imaging4Eighth
BCS 408Basic Clinical Skills4Eighth
PHC 408Primary Health Care4Eighth
FAM 509Family Medicine6Ninth
PSY 509Psychiatry3Ninth
MED 509Internal Medicine I7Ninth
DRM 509Dermatology2Ninth
ENT 510Ears, Nose, and Throat2Tenth
OPH 510Ophthalmology2Tenth
OBG 510Obstetrics & Gynecology6Tenth
SUR 510Surgery I8Tenth
ERM 611Emergency Medicine2Eleventh
MED 611Internal Medicine II6Eleventh
PED 611Pediatrics10Eleventh
SUR 612Surgery II10Twelfth
ORT 612Orthopedics6Twelfth
ELC 121Elective Course2Twelfth