Human Medicine Program
Program NameHuman Medicine Program
IntroductionTo graduate highly competent physicians in an enthusiastic environment that supports education, scientific research, and community engagement. Vision College awards a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery to students who have successfully completed 212 credit hours and completed the program 6 years with internship training.  
Target GroupHigh school graduates  
Admission Requirements1.The student must have a high school diploma (scientific track) or its equivalent from inside or outside the Kingdom.
 2. He must be of good conduct and conduct.
3. To pass the personal interview and admission exam, if any.
4.To be medically fit.
5.The student must not have been dismissed from another university or college for disciplinary reasons, except after 3 years from the date of dismissal.
6.After obtaining the initial acceptance, it is required to submit official documents and having them authenticated and certified by the official authorities.
7.The student’s admission will be canceled if the information provided by him turns out to be incorrect.
8.The student’s admission will be canceled if he does not complete the registration procedures in the semester in which he was accepted.                    
Program Length6 years + internship year
Application Start DateJun 2024
Application End DateAgu 2024