Study Plan for the Dental Program

Study Plan

Course CodeCourse NameCredit HoursLevel
ISLM 101Islamic Culture2First
ICOM 101Introduction to Computing3First
COMM 101Communication Skills2First
ARAB 101Arabic Language Skills – 12First
BIOS 101Biostatistics2First
ENGL 101English Language – 16First
ENGL 105Medical Terminology3Second
CHEM 101Introduction to Chemistry3Second
PHYS 101General Physics3Second
ARAB 102Arabic Language Skills – 22Second
ENGL 103English Language – 24Second
BIOL 101Biology3Second
BCH 261Biochemistry -12Third
PSL 211General Physiology – 13Third
ISLM 102Islam and Construction of Society2Third
ISLM 103The Islamic Economic System2Third
ARAB 103Arabic Language Skills – 32Third
GDC 211Introduction to Dentistry1Third
ANAT 211Anatomy , Embryology and Histology4Third
DDC 251Oral Biology – 11Third
BCH 262Biochemistry -22Fourth
PSL 212General Physiology – 22Fourth
RDC 211Dental Anatomy and Morphology2Fourth
DDC 252Oral Biology – 22Fourth
MAC 211General Microbiology and Immunology3Fourth
GDC 212Dental Informatics2Fourth
ANAT 212Head and Neck Anatomy3Fourth
GDC 311Introduction to Scientific Research2Fifth
DDC 311Oral Pathology – 12Fifth
PDC 311Preventive Dentistry1Fifth
RDC 311Pre-Clinical Operative Dentistry – 13Fifth
RDC 331Dental Materials Science – 11Fifth
GDC 312Ethics and Professionalism in Dental Practice1Fifth
PHL 311Introduction to Dental Pharmacology – 12Fifth
GDC 391First Aids for Health Professionals1Fifth
PATH 332General Pathology2Fifth
OMC 311Introduction to Local Anesthesia1Sixth
OMC 312Introduction to Exodontia2Sixth
DDC 312Oral Pathology – 22Sixth
RDC 332Dental Material Science – 22Sixth
DDC 321Oral & Maxillofacial Radiology – 12Sixth
DDC 331Oral Diagnosis – 12Sixth
RDC 312Pre-Clinical Operative Dentistry – 23Sixth
MAC 311Introduction to Applied Microbiology2Sixth
GIM 311Introduction to General Internal Medicine1Sixth
DDC 431Oral Diagnosis – 22Seventh
OMC 411Clinical Oral Surgery – 12Seventh
RDC 411Clinical Operative Dentistry – 12Seventh
DDC 421Oral & Maxillofacial Radiology – 22Seventh
RDC 421Pre-Clinical Endodontics – 12Seventh
SDC 411Pre-Clinical Removable Prosthodontics – 12Seventh
SDC 421Pre-Clinical Fixed Prosthodontics – 13Seventh
PDC 421Clinical Periodontology – 12Seventh
ISLM 104Fundamentals of Islamic Political System2Eighth
OMC 412Clinical Oral Surgery – 22Eighth
RDC 412Clinical Operative Dentistry – 22Eighth
PDC 422Clinical Periodontology – 21Eighth
SDC 412Pre-Clinical Removable Prosthodontics – 22Eighth
SDC 422Pre-Clinical Fixed Prosthodontics – 23Eighth
RDC 422Pre-Clinical Endodontics – 22Eighth
ENT 411Ear, Nose, and Throat1Eighth
GSO 411General Surgery1Eighth
GDC 411Evidence Based Dentistry2Eighth
OMC 511Clinical Oral Surgery – 32Ninth
RDC 511Clinical Operative Dentistry – 32Ninth
RDC 521Clinical Endodontics – 12Ninth
PDC 531Pre-Clinical Pediatric Dentistry2Ninth
SDC 511Clinical Removable Prosthodontics – 12Ninth
SDC 521Clinical Fixed Prosthodontics – 13Ninth
PDC 521Clinical Periodontology – 32Ninth
DDC 541Oral Medicine – 12Ninth
OMC 512Clinical Oral Surgery – 41Tenth
DDC 542Oral Medicine – 22Tenth
RDC 512Clinical Operative Dentistry – 41Tenth
RDC 522Clinical Endodontics – 21Tenth
PDC 522Clinical periodontology – 41Tenth
PDC 532Clinical Pediatric Dentistry – 12Tenth
SDC 512Clinical Removable Prosthodontics – 21Tenth
PDC 541Orthodontic – 12Tenth
SDC 522Clinical Fixed Prosthodontics – 21Tenth
PHL 511Dental Pharmacology – 21Tenth
GDC 511Geriatric Dentistry1Tenth
GDC 512Special Needs Dentistry1Tenth
PDC 641Orthodontic – 21Eleventh
PDC 631Clinical pediatric dentistry – 21Eleventh
GDC 611Biostatistics in Dentistry1Eleventh
PDC 611Dental Public Health and Community Dentistry – 12Eleventh
SDC 690Advanced Prosthodontics & Implantology1Eleventh
GDC 691Comprehensive Clinical Dentistry – 17Eleventh
GDC 612Dental Practice Management – 12Eleventh
GDC 613Applied Research in Dentistry2Eleventh
RDC 611Esthetic Dentistry2Twelfth
PDC 632Clinical Pediatric Dentistry – 31Twelfth
PDC 612Dental Public Health and Community Dentistry – 22Twelfth
GDC 614Dental Practice Management – 22Twelfth
GDC 699Comprehensive Clinical Dentistry – 25Twelfth
GDC 615Career Plans2Twelfth
GDC 616Multidisciplinary Literature Review2Twelfth