Curriculum unit

The Curriculum Unit oversees the review, evaluation and submission of recommendations for improving program curricula and implementing these recommendations. In general, the Curriculum Unit plays an important role in enhancing the quality and application of modern educational strategies, which contributes to improving student learning experiences and program outcomes.

The Curriculum Unit comprises three organizational committees:

Curriculum Unit Committees

Curriculum Development Committee

After conducting a comprehensive evaluation and analysis by the scientific  departments, the Curriculum Development Committee receives recommendations for improving the courses of the departments. Based on these recommendations, the committee studies the recommendations and their objectives and seeks to develop specific improvement plans to be applied to work on curriculum  development.  The committee cooperates with faculty members and administration to implement the  proposed  recommendations and ensure that they are implemented in line with modern teaching methods.

Learning Outcomes Assessment Committee

The Learning Outcomes Assessment Committee plays an important role in evaluating the effectiveness of educational programs by assessing  the level of achievement of intended learning outcomes. The committee collects and studies relevant data and evidence to evaluate student performance and accordingly makes recommendations or adjustments for development aimed at enhancing learning outcomes, student level, and overall program effectiveness.

Program Report Committee

The Program Report Committee sets a time plan for the completion of writing program reports and ensuring their compliance with quality requirements and forms of the Education Evaluation Commission, and the committee alsosupervises the writing of reports at the end of each academic year and submits them to the Quality Unit.