Clinics Department

Vision Medical College in Jeddah includes 200 dental clinics serving more than 150 visitors and patients daily, which aims to provide distinguished medical services to patients. These clinics include the Pediatric Clinic, the Oral and Facial Surgery Clinic, the Fixed and Removable Prosthodontics Clinic, the Endodontics Clinic, the Orthodontic Clinic, the Periodontology and Prevention Clinic, and the X-ray Clinic.

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Dental Clinic Departments:

  •     Faculty Consulting Clinics
  •     Saudi Board Doctors Clinics
  •     Internship Program Doctors Clinics
  •     Dental Student Clinics
  •     Initial triage and diagnostic clinics

Services provided by the clinics:

  •     Initial examination, diagnosis and radiology
  •     Fixed and Removable Prothesis
  •     Cosmetic fillings and teeth whitening
  •     Endodontics treatment
  •     Oral and maxillofacial surgery
  •     Orthodontics
  •     Periodontal disease and dental implants

Support services for clinics:

  •     Reception Department
  •     Patient Relations Department
  •     Medical Maintenance Department
  •     Central Sterilization Unit

These clinics are characterized by providing the latest medical technologies and advanced devices to diagnose and treat various diseases and conditions affecting the teeth, jaws and gums, in addition to providing a distinguished and highly experienced medical team in the field of dentistry, which contributes to providing distinguished health services to patients.

These clinics aim to achieve the best therapeutic and preventive results for patients, and the college seeks to continuously develop its medical services to meet the needs of patients and improve the quality of services provided to them. Students are taught in these clinics and enable them to obtain the necessary practical experience in the field of dentistry.

Clinics Management and Clinical Affairs Unit

The Clinics Management and Clinical Affairs Unit plays a vital role in ensuring the efficient functioning of healthcare facilities and the delivery of quality patient care. This unit is typically responsible for overseeing various aspects of clinic operations, including Reception and Patient Relations, CSSD Central Sterilization Unit,  infection control, Initial Diagnosis and Screening unit, Medical Maintenance, patient scheduling, and resource allocation.  Overall, the Clinics Management and Clinical Affairs Unit serves as the backbone of healthcare facilities, ensuring that clinical operations run smoothly, patients receive quality care, and organizational objectives are met.

Clinics Management and Clinical Affairs Unit Organizational Chart

Reception and Patient Relations

The reception and patient relations department serves as the frontline of any healthcare facility, playing a critical role in providing a positive experience for patients and visitors. The reception and patient relations department serves as the face of the healthcare facility, contributing to the overall satisfaction and well-being of patients by providing efficient, courteous, and supportive service.

Medical Clinic

Student Health Services is the source of primary health care for the students and members of the college; it provides primary care services including evaluation, diagnosis, treatment and prevention.

Student Health Service clinic is a walk-in-based medical clinic, for all registered students faculty members, and administration members at the college. A medical doctor provides medical services as needed.

Timely and efficient care for medical problems, including minor infections, burns, fractures, bleeding, and injuries, can often be seen and managed in the clinic. Emergency treatment of some of the cases such as choking, fainting, and breathing difficulties could be managed by the clinic doctor who also will determine which conditions can be treated and which need a referral to the hospital. 

Dental assistants:

Dental assistants support dental faculty and students in providing patient care. Their roles include preparing treatment rooms, sterilizing instruments, assisting during procedures, and educating patients on oral hygiene. They help maintain a smooth workflow and ensure a positive patient experience while gaining valuable hands-on training in a supervised learning environment.

Infection Control Unit

Maintaining proper infection control protocols is paramount in dental clinics to ensure the safety of both patients and healthcare providers. The unit oversees the proper application of effective infection control measures not only to prevent the spread of infectious diseases but also to instill confidence in patients regarding the quality and safety of dental care they receive. By adhering to these practices, dental professionals can create a safe and hygienic environment that promotes optimal oral health outcomes for patients while minimizing the risk of cross-contamination and infection transmission.

Central Sterilization Services Department (CSSD):

On the 3rd floor there is one sterilization area that includes automatic washing and cleaning devices, as well as three sterilization devices and a tool wrapping machine before they are placed for sterilization. The complete sterilization process takes about two and a half hours per cycle, with an average of four cycles per day. Sterile tools are then distributed to (6) supply areas, where students go to receive tools and materials.

Initial Diagnosis and Screening Unit
The Initial Diagnosis and Screening Unit is the first stop for all new patients at our dental college. Here, they undergo quick dental and medical screenings to assess their immediate needs. After this initial assessment, patients are directed to the diagnosis clinic for further investigation and X-rays to formulate personalized treatment plans. This streamlined process ensures efficient care delivery and accurate diagnosis for all our patients.

Medical Maintenance

Biomedical Engineering team is consisting of four biomedical engineering technicians is available throughout the day to help students who face any technical problems.