Internship Unit

Welcome to the Internship Unit at Vision Medical College, our internship unit serves as a gateway for students and recent graduates to gain practical experience and develop essential skills in their chosen fields.  It is structured to engage you in the day-to-day operations and expose you to various components of Dentistry or Nursing. Through meaningful projects, mentorship from professionals, and networking opportunities, you’ll have the chance to develop key skills, expand your knowledge, and build a strong foundation for your future career.

Nursing Internship Program is an important training program for nurses who have completed their studies in the College of Nursing and obtained a bachelor’s degree in nursing. The duration of the training is 12 months for nursing students and 6 months for bridging program students. The program provides graduates with the opportunity to obtain the practical training and experience necessary to work as registered nurses in the Saudi Commission for Medical Specialties.

The Nursing Internship Program includes practical and theoretical training in various areas of nursing, including general nursing and specialty nursing. The college administration contracts with hospitals, health centers, outpatient clinics at the Ministry of Health and other accredited centers, where graduates are trained on how to deal with patients and perform the necessary medical procedures.

The Nursing Internship Program helps graduates develop their clinical skills and enhance their scientific and research capabilities. Training is provided by qualified and experienced nursing instructors, and the training is periodically followed up by medical supervisors. The Nursing Internship Program is an ideal opportunity for graduates who want to develop their skills and obtain practical training in nursing.

To contact the Department of Internship Programs:  [email protected]