Nursing Program Study Plan
LevelsCourse CodeCourse TitleCredit hours
1BIOS. 101Biostatistics2
ISLM. 101Islamic Culture2
COMP. 101Computer for Health Science2
ARAB. 101Arabic Language 12
ENGL. 101English Language I6
MTER. 105Medical Terminology3
2COMM 101Communication Skills2
PHYS101General Physics3
CHEM 101Introduction to Chemistry3
ENGL102English Language II6
3NUR 111Introduction to Nursing Science3
RHS 242Human Anatomy3
RHS 243Human Physiology3
NUR 122Foundations of Nursing/ Theory3
NUR 123Foundations of Nursing/ Practice3
CHS 262Biochemistry3
4NUR 211Health Assessment/ Theory2
NUR 212Health Assessment/ Practice2
CLS 323Pathophysiology3
RHS 366Pharmacology2
NUR 224Adult Health Nursing (1) / Theory3
NUR 225Adult Health Nursing (1) / Practice4
5NUR 311Human Growth and Development3
NUR 312Adult Health Nursing (2) / Theory3
NUR 313Adult Health Nursing (2) / Practice4
CHS 226Clinical Nutrition3
CLS 212Microbiology4
6NUR 325Reproductive Health Nursing / Theory3
NUR 326Reproductive Health Nursing / Practice3
NUR 327Child Health Nursing / Theory3
NUR 328Child Health Nursing / Practice2
NUR 329Nursing Informatics3
7NUR 411Critical Health Nursing / Theory3
NUR 412Critical Health Nursing / Practice3
NUR 413Psychiatric & Mental Health Nursing / Theory3
NUR 414Psychiatric & Mental Health Nursing / Practice2
NUR 226Principles of Learning and Health Education2
NUR 324Current Issues in Nursing2
8NUR 425Community Health Nursing / Theory3
NUR 426Community Health Nursing / Practice3
NUR 427Nursing Management & Leadership / Theory3
NUR 428Nursing Management & Leadership / Practice2
NUR 429Nursing Research3