Quality, Development & Academic Accreditation Unit

About the Unit: 

 Quality, Development and Academic Accreditation Unit was established with the beginning of work in the programs of Vision Medical College in Jeddah, and it is an independent unit that directly follows His Excellency the Dean of the College and bears all the burdens and activities related to evaluation, quality and academic accreditation.  

Quality, Academic Accreditation and Development unit is concerned with working and contributing to spreading the culture of quality and excellence in the college community by achieving the objectives of Vision Medical College in Jeddah related to preparing and following up the implementation of the necessary plans to ensure the quality of performance, obtaining institutional and programmatic accreditations, and supporting all programs and units of the college to accomplish tasks related to national and international academic accreditations. 

Vision, Mission and Objectives:  

Unit Vision:  

Leading the development and quality system towards excellence in performance. 

Mission of the Unit:  

Providing support and assistance to the units, committees and departments of the college to achieve quality assurance of academic and administrative performance through evaluation, training and continuous improvement.  

Strategic Objectives:  

1-Building an effective quality assurance system in the college.  

2-Localizing quality, enhancing its principles and practices, and spreading its culture in the college in all its programs, units and committees.  

3-Evaluating all college activities and ensuring their quality, especially academic programs, scientific research and community service.  

4-Preparing academic programs for local and international accreditations and providing them with support to achieve their goals.        

5-Work with college units and committees responsible for academic programs to improve student learning outcomes.  

6-Raising the quality of teaching performance and providing professional support to faculty members in a way that contributes to improving the quality of the outputs of the educational process. 

7-Continuous evaluation of the performance of all processes related to the development of quality assurance in the administrative units of the college.  

Development Objectives:  

*Activating the quality management system and academic accreditation.  

*Activating the quality control system of the educational process.  

*Building a structure and organizational guide for all units and committees of the college.  

*Developing the university’s strategic plan in line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030  

Tasks of the Unit:  

The unit follows the Dean of Vision Medical College in Jeddah directly and communicates directly with all agencies, programs, departments, units and college committees 

1-Spreading the culture of quality in the college through the issuance of studies, brochures and bulletins, and holding seminars, lectures and workshops. .  

2-Commitment to the mission and objectives of the college in order to improve performance  

3-Building quality management system tools (questionnaires, indicators, benchmarking, etc.) and working on their application.  

4-Surveying the opinions of graduates in order to develop the performance of the college in light of quality standards and academic accreditation.  

5-Surveying the opinions of community institutions benefiting from the college’s outputs in line with the needs of society.  

6-Providing technical support, consultations and training to the units and committees of the college in the field of applying quality systems and international and national academic accreditation.  

7-Facilitate communication with donors regarding international and national accreditation of college programs.  

8-Preparing follow-up reports on the progress of institutional and program academic accreditation.  

9-Preparing and implementing projects related to quality systems and academic accreditation.  

10-Managing the performance evaluation process at the level of the college and its units and following up the preparation and implementation of improvement plans.  

11-Develop mechanisms for motivation and excellence in the application of quality practices and academic accreditation.  

12-Preparing specialized cadres in evaluation according to the system of Vision Medical College.  

13-Contribute to spreading the culture of quality and academic accreditation in cooperation with the concerned authorities. 14-Carrying out the work entrusted to it for the benefit of the work. Preparing a periodic report on all achievements 

Unit Members: 

Unit Organizational Hierarchy: 

Contact Information:  

Email: [email protected] 

Tel. :  92000911–724 

Achievements of the Unit regard to academic accreditations 

A) Institutional National Accreditation of Vision Medical College in Jeddah 

      Vision Medical College in Jeddah obtained institutional academic accreditation from the National Commission for Academic Accreditation and Assessment (ETEC-NCAAA) in October 2022, and work is underway to prepare the dental and general nursing programs to obtain the national programmatic accreditation from the Commission. 

B) National Institutional Accreditation for Vision Medical College Clinics in Jeddah 

Vision Medical College in Jeddah obtained the renewal of the full institutional accreditation for a period of four years for the clinics of Vision Medical College in Jeddah issued on Thursday 11/3/2021 AD as an accredited center by the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties for training in professional health graduate programs accredited by the Saudi Commission