Saudi Board

The Saudi Board of Dentistry programs are specialized training programs offered by Vision Medical College in Jeddah under the umbrella of the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties, and aim to qualify trainee doctors in the field of dentistry to obtain the classification of first vice president and then consultant in various dental specialties.

Vision Medical College in Jeddah is an accredited center by the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties for three programs:

  1. Saudi Specialty Certificate in Restorative Dentistry Program (3 years)
  2. Saudi Specialty Certificate in Periodontal Disease Program (4 years)
  3. Saudi Specialty Certificate Program in Orthodontics and Maxillofacial Orthopedics (3 years).

Trainees in the Saudi Board Dental Program benefit from integrated practical and theoretical training and provide practical opportunities to develop their medical and clinical skills, which helps them to provide outstanding health care to patients in the field of dentistry.

Conditions and method of applying to programs:

Applying for various programs is done through the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties website through the Matching system

To apply, please click here

To contact the Department of Academic Affairs for Saudi Pod Programs at Vision Medical College in Jeddah:

[email protected]