About the Bridging Nursing Program

What is Bridging Nursing Program:

It is a program that aims to enable graduates who hold an intermediate college degree (or diploma degree) to obtain a bachelor’s degree from college in the general nursing program.  The Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has sought to launch the activities of this program, in order to raise the level of knowledge in the field of nursing, which in turn is reflected in the health services in the Kingdom, by canceling the diploma and completing the academic stages until the bachelor’s degree is obtained.

Why Bridging Program Matters

Due to the importance of improving the level and efficiency of nursing technicians in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which would be reflected on the health system and the quality of health care, Vision Medical College has established the Bridging Program in Nursing, which targets holders of a diploma in nursing to complete their academic studies to obtain a bachelor’s degree in nursing through specialized committees working on equivalence of diploma program courses that are compatible with the plan of the bachelor’s program in nursing. The study plans of the bridging program have been designed in a way that meets the needs of nursing technicians to develop their level of knowledge and practical skills in line with the most prominent modern global trends in the fields of nursing.

What are the requirements for enrolment in the Bridging Program in General Nursing:

  1. Obtaining an intermediate university degree or a diploma of not less than two years after high school in one of the health specialties classified within the health specialties from one of the officially accredited bodies in the Kingdom.
  2. For students who have obtained intermediate university degrees or diplomas from outside the Kingdom, a decision to equalize the certificate must have been issued by the Certificate Equivalency Committee at the Ministry of Education.
  3. The student’s general average in the intermediate university certificate program or diploma program should not be less than (good) or its equivalent, and in the case of obtaining an average less than good, he must pass an additional full semester remedial semester*.
  4. The specialization in the bridging program should be an extension of the student’s specialization in the intermediate university degree or diploma, provided that each case is addressed separately, when accepting students in a different specialization, through the mechanism of equivalency of courses in accordance with the regulations of university education.
  5. The student must have a valid professional classification and registration decision from the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties when joining the bridging program.

* Remedial semester: It is an additional semester that qualifies a student who has an acceptable grade (D) in a diploma or bachelor’s degree to enroll in the general nursing program, to enhance his/her skills and abilities,  it Should not be less than 12 credit hours and it is not counted in the student’s cumulative average (GPA).