Academic Advising Department

The academic advising unit provides guidance services to students in order to meet their academic requirements and improve their skills in the face of various difficulties during their studies, which may adversely affect their academic performance. The unit works in collaboration with the other departments of the college to improve services to support the educational process. The academic advising unit also seeks to raise the level of advising services to accompany the advising services at the Higher Education Institution.

  1. Provide the necessary support for the student during his/her academic career to achieve the completion of the requirements of the study plan within the required time.
  2. Discuss the problems that may face the student during the study and work on finding appropriate solutions.
  3. To follow up the progress reports of the student during his/her studies and evaluation, and to follow up the performance of stumbling student academic and improve its level.

Tasks of the academic advisor

  1. Meeting periodically with the student in order to identify his/her performance in the last semester.
  2. Discuss the difficulties, if any, and look for appropriate solutions.
  3. Follow-up of the student’s achievement in the courses recorded in the current semester.
  4. Intensification of periodic meetings; in the event of non-attendance of student or low level of achievement, to find out the reasons and try to overcome the difficulties.
  5. Help the student in case of health or psychological problems and refer him/her to specialists.
  6. Discovering students’ talents and encouraging them to develop them.
  7. Encourage students to participate in educational activities and other activities.

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