About the general track for bachelor’s degree holders

In support of His Highness the Crown Prince’s program for human capacity development, and based on the cooperation of the private sector in the journey of human capacity development and given that health specialties are one of the strategic specialties needed by the labor market in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and since Vision Medical College in Jeddah (VMC) has a history of experience in providing health programs with high academic quality and its graduates record high percentages in passing the exam of the Health Specialties Authority, which qualifies them for professional practice, the college opens the door for admission for holders of a bachelor’s degree in specialties and those wishing to obtain another bachelor’s degree in one of the specialties available in the college (medicine and surgery, oral and dental medicine and surgery, general nursing), in order to provide them with the opportunity to rehabilitate in another specialty and work to provide opportunities for continuous learning and training to keep pace with the requirements of the future local labor market and lifelong learning.

Admission requirements for applicants with a bachelor’s degree in one discipline to study another bachelor’s degree in the specializations available at the college:

  1. The awarding body for the bachelor’s degree must be  one of the officially accredited bodies in the Kingdom.
  2. For students who have obtained a bachelor’s degree from outside the Kingdom, the certificate must be equalized and authenticated by the Ministry of Education.
  3. The student’s overall average in the bachelor’s degree program should not be less than the rate required for transfer, which is indicated in the eleventh executive rule.
  4. These conditions apply to the applicant who has a high school diploma in the scientific track, and in the event that the applicant obtains a high school diploma in a track other than the scientific track, he is accepted into the general nursing program only, provided that he passes a qualifying semester with a rate of not less than (3.75 out of 5).
  5. The equivalency of the subjects obtained in the bachelor’s degree is done by the equivalency committee and approved by the Dean of the Faculty.