About the Nursing Program

College Vision

To become the best choice for students in the field of private medical education

College Mission

Qualifying distinguished health practitioners through an advanced educational and training environment that is attractive and stimulating for creativity & innovation.

Vision Medical College Values

General Nursing Program

The program has the facilities and capabilities to support education for nursing students, including the provision of lecture halls, clinical skills laboratories (adult care nursing laboratory, childbirth laboratory and child care laboratory, nursing basics laboratory) as well as three supporting laboratories for basic and joint sciences with the dental program (Anatomy lab, microbiology lab, and biochemistry lab), English language and computer lab. In addition, the college has a digital library with the support of the Saudi Digital Library (SDL) services to serve the two programs.

Program Vision: 

Leadership and excellence in private nursing education.

Program Mission: 

Providing Community with Professional Qualified Nurses. 

Program Goals: 

  1. To prepare competent nursing graduates who provide professional nursing care in different healthcare settings.
  2. To recognize the principles of scientific research and apply evidence-based practice in nursing care.
  3. To be able to demonstrate competency in providing health education and services for individuals, families, and communities.
  4. To prepare graduates to value the principles of ethics and decision making related to patient-centered care.

Graduate Attributes

Program graduates derived from the institutional graduate attributes. Conceptual definition of each attribute has been developed based on the program mission and vision. Graduates will demonstrate moral behavior, authentic leadership, problem solving and critical thinking skills in self- directed manner. Also, graduates should show their innovations in the applications of evidence based practice.

Academic degree awarded by the nursing program:

Bachelor’s degree in Nursing Sciences.

Duration and system of study in the program:

The duration of study in the nursing program is five academic years with an average of eight semesters and one-year internship divided as follows, the total number of credit hours for obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Nursing Sciences is (130) credit hours distributed as follows:

General Nursing program study plan:

To see General Nursing Program study plan click here

Language of study Nursing program:

The official language of study is English, except for two courses in Arabic and Islamic culture.

Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs):

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Internship Year in Nursing Program:

The internship year is an intensive training period that is mandatory for all students. It is a transitional period from the training stage as a student to the preparation stage for his profession, during which the trainee will be able to enhance the knowledge obtained at the undergraduate stage and develop his practical skills. The duration of the training period depends on the type of student acceptance in the college as follows:

  1. Regular Bachelor’s Student: Upon successful completion of the Bachelor’s program courses (130 credits) with an acceptable GPA of 2/5 or above, the regular Bachelor’s student must undergo an intensive clinical training program (Internship) for 48 weeks (12 months) at a recognized institution which offers a comprehensive training curriculum for recent graduates.
  2. Bridging Student: Upon successful completion of the undergraduate program courses according to the equivalency and registered in the college with an acceptable GPA of 2/5 or above, the bridging student must undergo an intensive clinical training program (Internship) for a period of 24 weeks (6 months) at a recognized institution which offers a comprehensive training curriculum for fresh graduates. The internship trainee must undergo the examination of the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties during or after the end of the internship period and his graduation from the college or according to the decisions of the Saudi Commission for Specialties to become a nursing specialist. After passing the examination of the Commission and he can officially practice the profession.


General Nursing Department Head

Dr. Obay Azzam AlMaraira is Head of the General Nursing Department at Vision Medical College – Jeddah. He obtained a bachelor’s degree in Nursing from the University of Jordan in Jordan in 2010. Dr. AlMaraira also obtained a master’s degree in Psychiatric and Mental Health from the University of Jordan in 2014. The doctor completed his specialization by obtaining a Doctorate degree in Psychiatric and Mental Health from the University of Jordan in 2019. 

Research interests: Psychiatric and Mental Health, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Public Health 


General Nursing Department Faculty Members

  • Dr. Sami Shannaq is an Assistant Professor, Division of Community Health Nursing/Vision Medical CollegeChairman & Coordinator of Nursing Department, Vision College / Saudi Arabia since. 2016 – 2022.
  • Qualifications 
  • PhD, Psychiatric & Community Nursing; Jordan; Jordan University; 2011 
  • MS.N, Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing; Iraq; Baghdad University; 2004  
  • BSN, Nursing science, Jordan, Jordan University; 2002 
  • Subspecialty: Pediatric & Adolescent Mental Health Nursing 
  • Research Interest: Psychosocial health problems of Children and adolescent. 


Dr. Khalida Sharaf (Assistant Professor) Department of Nursing -Nursing Program at Vision Collage –Jeddah, obtained a BSC from Collage of Nursing Sciences –KU-Sudan in 1997, Holds an MSc from KU-Sudan in 2006 and completed her specialty in obtaining Ph.D. from KU in Sudan in 2018. 

Research   interest: Nursing sciences 


Dr. Salma Othman Al-Awad Ali  a Lecturer – Department of Nursing – Vision Medical College – Jeddah. She obtained a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the Faculty of Nursing Sciences – University of Khartoum – Sudan – 2006. 

Dr. Salma Al-Awad also obtained a master’s degree in cardiothoracic nursing and surgery from the University of Medical Sciences and Technology – Khartoum – Sudan – 2015. 


Dr. Doaa Wady, Assistant Professor in the Department of Nursing – Nursing Program at Vision College in Jeddah, earned her BSc from the Faculty of Nursing at Mansoura University, Egypt in 1999. Dr. Wady obtained her MSc from Ain Shams University, Egypt in 2007, and completed her specialization by earning her Ph.D. from Mansoura University, Egypt in 2019. 

Research interests: Nursing sciences, pediatric nursing, neonatal nursing, nursing education. 



Prof. Suzan Naiem  Professor of Obstetrics & Midwifery Nursing, Vision Medical College, Jeddah.  

Prof. Naiem had attained a bachelor’s degree in nursing from Faculty of nursing, Mansoura university in 2001.  

Also, had attained a master’s degree in Obstetrics& Midwifery Nursing from Faculty of Nursing, Ain shams University in 2007.  Prof. Naiem obtained PhD in Nursing from Ain-Shams University, Egypt in 2013. 

Research Interests: Prof. Naiem is interested in scientific nursing research regarding the new trends and evidence-based research in Obstetrics and Midwifery Nursing as she published around thirty scientific articles in international journals.


Dr. Mohammed Hamdan AL-Rshoud, Assistant Professor at the Nursing Department in Vision Medical College- Jeddah branch.  

Education: Bachelor’s degree from the University of Science and Technology – Jordan ( 1995) , Masters in Critical care nursing from the Middlesex University – United Kingdom (2010), PhD Advanced Nursing Practice from Nottingham University  – United Kingdom (2015) 

Research Interests: Critical Care Nursing, Nursing Education, Health Promotion


Mrs. Vaheeda Hammathul Thruppoyil. (clinical training coordinator) in Nursing

Bachelor’s degree in Nursing (1990) from College of Nursing, Medical College , Calicut, Calicut University, Kerala,India. Also, Mrs Thruppoyil obtained her Health Science masters in Clinical Child Development in ( 2016), fromChild development

center , medical college, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala university, Kerala, India


Mrs. Bodour Ashraf Ashy (Clinical Training Coordinator) in the (Nursing) Department at Vision Medical College – Jeddah. He/she obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in (Nursing) from (King Abdulaziz University) in (Jeddah) in the year (2014-2015)