About the Medicine & Surgery Program

About the Program

College Vision

To become the best choice for students in the field of private medical education

College Mission

Qualifying distinguished health practitioners through an advanced educational and training environment that is attractive and stimulating for creativity & innovation.

Vision Medical College Values

Program Mission

To provide a stimulating and innovative educational environment that empowers ambitious physicians with comprehensive knowledge, practical skills, and ethical values, preparing them to excel in healthcare and contribute meaningfully to society.

Program Goals

  1. Innovative Education: Offer an enriched curriculum that encourages critical thinking, creativity, and innovation in healthcare practice.
  2. Experiential Learning: Provide hands-on training, clinical exposure, and research opportunities to instill practical proficiency and adaptability in diverse healthcare settings.
  3. Professional Excellence: Cultivate a culture of excellence, professionalism, and continuous learning among students, preparing them to meet the highest standards of healthcare practice.
  4. Leadership Development: Nurture future leaders in healthcare by fostering leadership skills, ethical values, and a commitment to community health and service.
  5. Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Encourage collaboration among disciplines, promoting teamwork, communication, and an integrated approach to patient care.
  6. Adaptability and Innovation: Equip students with the adaptability and innovation required to address emerging healthcare challenges and contribute positively to healthcare advancements .

Graduate Attributes

Degree Awarded by The Program

Bachelor’s Degree of Medicine and Surgery (MBBS).

Program Level According to The National Qualifications Framework (NQF)

Seventh level.

Program Requirements

Vision College awards Bachelor’s Degree of Medicine and Surgery (MBBS) to students who successfully complete the 212 required credit hours and complete one-year internship training program.

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Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs):

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