Evaluation and Assessment Unit

The Evaluation and Assessment Unit (EAU) is the unit that is responsible for supervising exams procedure and supervising examination monitoring and making sure that results a published on time.  In addition, the EAU supervises the electronic examination and exam and questions evaluation.

Evaluation and Assessment Unit Committees

Examination Evaluation Committee

​The Examination Evaluation Committee plays a crucial role in ensuring the fairness, integrity, and effectiveness of the examination process within the Vision Medial College. The committee is involved in evaluating exam questions and reviewing content to ensure alignment with learning outcomes of the course, curriculum standards, and assessment criteria.

Examination Scheduling Committee

The Examination Scheduling Committee is responsible for supervising exam schedules and instructions for both students and invigilators. In addition, it ensures the readiness of classrooms and prepares them to receive students in coordination with support services.

Examination Organization Committee

The Examination Organization Committee is responsible for supervising the copying and delivery of exam papers to invigilators and receiving them back after the end of the exam.  On the day of the examination the committee members make sure that all examinations run smoothly and easily.

E-examination Committee

Lately the VMC introduced the Electronic Examination using Examsoft program and gradually started to apply it on all types of examinations for all programs.  The committee is responsible for preparing training courses for faculty members, technicians, and students in this regard, and follow up system preparation and supervising the question bank and solving any problem related to the Examsoft.

Examination Monitor Committee

The examination monitor committee is responsible for supervising the automated correction process, creating the relevant schedules, and delivering the results to the course director.  In addition, the committee members revise and make sure that the marks are all uploaded correctly and oversee the delivery of the results on the E-register electronic system on time and thus, the dissemination of the results on time.