About Vision Medical College in Jeddah

Vision Medical College (VMC) in Jeddah was established in the year 1431 AH (2010 AD) to address the increasing demand for qualified healthcare professionals in Oral Medicine and Surgery and General Nursing. Recognizing the limited availability of private educational institutions in these specialized fields, VMC has played a pivotal role in bridging this gap.

Licensed by the Ministry of Higher Education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, VMC embodies a commitment to excellence in medical sciences, integrating contemporary knowledge and fostering a civilizational initiative that aligns with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030. This vision underscores the college’s dedication to advancing scientific and medical knowledge, thereby fulfilling the healthcare needs of the Saudi society.

In 2023, VMC received accreditation to launch a Medicine and Surgery program, which commenced in the first semester of the 2023-2024 academic year. Alongside this new program, VMC offers bachelor’s degrees in Oral Medicine and Surgery, General Nursing, and Medicine and Surgery.

The college has a proud history of producing competent healthcare professionals. The inaugural batch of General Nursing students graduated in the first semester of the 2013-2014 academic year, followed by the first cohort of Oral Medicine and Surgery graduates in the second semester of 2015-2016 AD. The first batch of Medicine and Surgery students is slated to graduate in the academic year 2028-2029.

Furthermore, VMC has secured full institutional accreditation from the Saudi Commission for Medical Specialties for its Saudi Board of Dentistry programs since 2018 AD. The college offers a range of specialized dental programs under the esteemed supervision of the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties.

With the help of GOD and the sincere commitment to academic excellence, VMC continues to be a pioneer educational institution, guided by scientific methodologies and leveraging modern technology, the college aims to cultivate a generation of students equipped with both scientific knowledge and ethical values. These future leaders are prepared to serve society and contribute significantly to the nation’s advancement.