Dental Program Study Plan
Serial #LevelCourse CodeCourse TitleCredit Hours
1Level 1ARAB 101Arabic Language I2
2COMP 101Introduction to Computing3
3ENGL 101English Language I6
4ENGL 102Medical Terminology3
5ISLM 101Islamic Culture2
6BIOS 101Biostatistics2
7Level 2ARAB 102Arabic language II2
8BIOL 101Biology3
9CHEM 101Introduction to Chemistry3
10COMM 101Communication Skills2
11ENGL 103English Language II4
12PHYS 101General Physics3
13Level 3RSD 213Dental Anatomy & Morphology2
14GDC 283Introduction to Dentistry1
15ANAT 213Anatomy, Embryology, Histology4
16BCH 261Bio-Chemistry12
17PSL 211General Physiology13
18DSD 251Oral Biology & Histology11
19IC 102Islam & Construction of Society2
20Level 4DSD 252Oral Biology & Histology22
21RSD 212Introduction to Operative Dentistry2
22GDC 284Applied Computer Technology in Dentistry2
23ANAT 214Head & neck  Anatomy3
24RSD 230Basic Dental Materials1
25BCH 262Bio-Chemistry22
26PSL 212General Physiology22
27GDC 282Introduction to Behavioral Dentistry1
28IC 103The Islamic Economic System2
29Level 5OMS 312Applied Surgical Anatomy, Local  Anesthesia & Exodontia11
30RSD 312Pre-Clinical Operative Dentistry11
31DSD 331Oral Pathology (1)2
32GDC 382Ethics in Dentistry1
33PHL 312Dental Pharmacology (1)1
34MAC 322General Microbiology & Immunology3
35PATH 330General Pathology11
36DSD1/343Oral & Maxillofacial Radiology 12
37RSD 332Dental Materials Science12
38Level 6OMS 313Applied Surgical Anatomy, Local  Anesthesia & Exodontia21
39DSD 332Oral Pathology (2)2
40RSD 333Dental Materials Science22
41DSD2/343Oral & Maxillofacial Radiology (2)2
42DSD 344Oral Diagnosis (1)2
43RSD 313Pre-Clinical Operative Dentistry23
44CPD 321Preventive Dentistry1
45PSD 312Introduction to Pre-Clinical  Prosthodontics & Occlusion2
46PHL 313Dental Pharmacology (2)1
47PATH 331General Pathology22
48Level 7DSD 441Oral Diagnosis (2)2
49OMS 412Clinical Oral Surgery (1)2
50RSD 412Clinical Operative Dentistry (1)2
51DSD 443Oral & Maxillofacial Radiology-31
52RSD 423Pre-Clinical Endodontics12
53PSD 422Pre-Clinical Removable Prosthodontics13
54PSD 432Pre-Clinical Fixed Prosthodontics13
55CPD 412Clinical Periodontology (1)2
56Level 8OMS 413Clinical Oral Surgery (2)2
57RSD 413Clinical Operative Dentistry (2)1
58CPD 413Clinical Periodontology (2)2
59DSD 444Oral & Maxillofacial Radiology (4)1
60PSD 423Pre-Clinical Removable Prosthodontics23
61PSD 433Pre-Clinical Fixed Prosthodontics23
62POD 413Pre-Clinical Pediatric Dentistry2
63RSD 424Pre-Clinical Endodontics22
64GDC 481Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation1
65Level 9OMS 512Clinical Oral Surgery  (3)2
66RSD 512Clinical Operative Dentistry (3)2
67RSD 523Clinical Endodontics12
68POD 514Clinical Pediatric Dentistry (1)2
69PSD 522Clinical Removable Prosthodontics12
70PSD 533Clinical Fixed Prosthodontics13
71CPD 512Clinical Periodontology (3)2
72POD 516Pre-Clinical Orthodontics12
73Level 10OMS 513Clinical Oral Surgery (4)1
74DSD 522Oral Medicine (1)2
75RSD 513Clinical operative dentistry (4)1
76RSD 524Clinical endodontics(2)1
77CPD 513Clinical periodontology (4)2
78POD 515Clinical pediatric dentistry (2)2
79POD 517Pre-clinical orthodontics (2)2
80PSD 523Clinical Removable Prosthodontics (2)1
81PSD 534Clinical Fixed Prosthodontics (2)1
82ENT511Ear, Nose & Throat Surgery1
83GIM 511General Internal Medicine1
84GSO 511General Surgery1
85MAC 521Applied Microbiology2
86Level 11DSD 690Oral Medicine (2)2
87POD 693Clinical Orthodontics1
88POD 694Clinical Pediatric Dentistry (3)1
89CPD 696Dental Public Health & Community Dentistry (1)2
90PSD 694Advanced Prosthodontics & Implantology (1)2
91GDC 692Comprehensive Clinical Dentistry  (1)4
92PHL 698Dental Pharmacology (3)1
93IC 104Fundamentals of Islamic Political System2
94CPD 695Biostatistics in Dentistry1
95Level 12RSD 694Esthetic Dentistry2
96POD 695Clinical Pediatric Dentistry (4)1
97CPD 697Dental Public Health & Community Dentistry (2)1
98CPD 698Dental Practice Management1
99PSD 695Advanced Prosthodontics & Implantology (2)2
100GDC 690Geriatric Dentistry1
101GDC 693Comprehensive Clinical Dentistry  (2)4
102ARAB 103Writing in Arabic Language2