Continuing Education & Professional Development Unit


The Continuing Education and Professional Development Committee at Vision Medical College in Jeddah aims to provide and organize various continuing education and professional development activities for the college’s employees, including students and trainees of the Excellence Program, faculty members, dentists, specialists, and dental assistants from outside the college. To provide courses in the latest developments in the means of diagnosis and treatment for patients in the field of dentistry and nursing, in order to meet the current and emerging educational needs, scientific developments and continuous renewal of information for people seeking to serve the community

The message:

Meeting the needs of continuous learning by providing high-quality, accessible, innovative and interactive educational and training programs and workshops for participants in those programs and workshops from all segments of the human medicine, dentistry, nursing and all health disciplines by building on the strengths and cooperation with the resources of the college and the community

Target groups:

Graduates of the college are doctors, dentists and nurses, trainees of the excellence program, male and female students in all programs, faculty members and employees of the college, dentists from outside the college (general practitioners) and nursing specialists in addition to dental assistants.

Tasks of the Committee

Determining the necessary needs to develop the skills of the college’s employees and designing, organizing and implementing the necessary development programs for that

Developing strategic plans to develop and raise the skills of the college’s employees, including academic, administrative and technical staff.

Training faculty members on modern university education skills and their applications

Supporting faculty members to use modern educational and technical tools and means.

Providing technical advice to faculty members to develop their skills and raise their level of performance.

Develop exchange and cooperation with units and committees to develop the skills of faculty members in prestigious local and international universities and benefit from their experiences and programs in promoting the development of the skills of faculty members.

Spreading the culture of quality and academic development among faculty members, administrators, and students, to ensure the concerted forces of all to contribute to raising the level of quality of performance, developing it, raising the level of achievement, and achieving the desired academic, educational, and scientific goals.