Important Information

The Science and Technology Unit acts as a dynamic tool within the college’s academic framework,
strategically supporting research initiatives and seamlessly providing essential resources and cutting-
edge technological support to empower and enhance the research endeavors. The unit plays a pivotal
role in advancing research activities across the college’s programs and graduates.

Research is an integral part of our mission owing to the given strength of the college members and
the solid collaborative tradition in dental and nursing research. Our many award-winning researchers
collaborate with colleagues at other faculties of dentistry, other faculties at King Abdulaziz
University, and research institutes in the Kingdom. The principal goa I for the research activities is to
set the pace for innovation, clinical application, and research training in an area that lies at the core
of dental and nursing specialties

To become recognized nationally and globally as a center of excellence in the field of medical

The research mission of the Vision Medical College, Jeddah, is to enhance the general health of Saudi
citizens and residents through the conduction of high-standard research projects in the different fields
of dentistry and nursing sciences. The College is committed to providing society with ethical and
competent researchers enriched with the necessary knowledge, skills, and behavior. Advancement in
research and technology will be transferred to the global public domain aiming to increase presence

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Potential Research Funding opportunities for Vision College

  1. The Research Development and Innovation Authority (RDIA): Website:
  2. King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST): Website:
  3. Researchers Grants from University Professor and Research Centers from King Saud University: Website:
  4. Scientific Research and Grants from Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd Center for Futuristic Studies: Website: